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My name is Clark Savage, Jr., better known as Doc Savage, the Man of Mystery or the manofbronze. I was raised from the cradle to do one thing: help others. To that end I have become an expert in most of the sciences, particularly medicine, chemisty, and electricity, and have enlisted the aid of operatives who fill in the blanks in my knowledge. I am also an expert martial artist and inventor. This community is designed to share my expertise in all matters so as to solve all your problems, whether factual, mechanical, romantic, scientific, sexual, sports-related, philosophical, spiritual, personal, aesthetic, psychological, military, political, foreign, or domestic. If you are in danger or in doubt, allow me to put you out of your misery.

UpDate (2007:11/24): After this community was apparently orphaned, it became the target of spam; the LiveJournal administration turned it over to a new maintainer.