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a health question...

i'm brand spankin new to this community...i searched "health" for intrests and found this. looks good!!!
ok so i'm a 20-year old fairly healthy female...i try to eat helthy but i have a weird eating disorder that most people just take to mean that i'm a picky eater. basicly, theres only a few foods that i like, and vegtables or most meats aren't in that category. i know i don't eat as healthy as i should but i take vitamin supplements to help. i know its no substitute for eating right, but its all i can do for right now.
enough backround for my big question. i'm getting over a cold right now, so i'm all miserable and stuffy and the like. but latley, i've been hungry all the time. on monday night i got in one of those nasty fights with my live-in boyfriend that lasted all night and into 10am the next morning. i HATE when i'm up all night long because then i sleep the whole day away and my shcedule is all off wack. i'm unemployed for right now (should be changing pending a second interview on friday) so its not like i need to be waking up early, but i've been brought up to feel lazy if i wake up past i've been trying to get my schedule back to a normal sleeping schedule. so on tuesday i only allowed myself to sleep about 3 hours during the day so i'd be tired at an appropriate time at night, and sure enough, i went to bed at around 11:30 which is very very good for me. i ate my dinner at about 9 or so, and it filled me. wasn't too big or anything, but it filled me. so i woke up around 3am and i was STARVING! i didn't get up and eat because eating gives me energy and i didn't want to be up all night again. i just tossed and turned for 2 hours and went back to sleep. so in the morning i ate my usual bowl of cereal, which fills me up, but then about a half hour after that i'm starving again. i know that i can't be pregnant for two reasons...first of all i'm on the pill and i'm very good about taking it and taking it on time, and second of all, my period started today. i've never been extreemly hungry all the time on my period its not that. i'm just scared that i'm going to wake up starving in the night again and i'm hoping its not something serious. (i tend to be a worry wart....i think the worst in situations like, tapeworms! fluke pregnancy! cancer! etc)
sorry for all the info that might not have been needed...i just wanted to be sure that i answered any questions about anything else going on in my life that might be a culprit.
thanks so much!!
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